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Bringing the world closer together when the timely delivery of merchandise.

We bring the world closer together when the timely delivery of merchandise matters with our reliable and affordable courier and logistic services. We generate exceptional ideas for better and fast shipping with technological excellence and innovations. We know the value of safe hands and therefore perform with utmost care and caution while handling our services for shaping clientele’s businesses in the most unique way possible.

A reliable, time-effective, International courier service

Express Parcels & Documents

Delivering posts and documents quickly and efficiently.


OBN Express obtains and delivers important posts and documents to international destinations timely, without any hassles through a swift custom clearance channel. We keep the process simple and uncomplicated for flawless execution. Our tech-driven processes, capabilities and service to deliver your posts and documents quickly and efficiently will fulfil all your business requirements and give you a superior customer experience. We offer time-critical businesses with the fastest delivery services as we do recognize the prominence of every spell.

Air freights

Courier and cargo services through air freight internationally.


OBN Express is a prominent company providing courier and cargo services through air freight internationally. We are loyal and faithful to our clients and therefore we guide their consignments swiftly and securely to destinations with extremely modernized services and trustworthy methodologies. We manage to give you the most valuable Air Express Services also popularly called moving freight. High speed, high standard of security, the capability of travelling quickly, frequently and no traffic conjunctions are some favourable power points of air freights.

Import and custom clearance services

An import and custom clearance process and procedure.


Imports and Custom clearance is a very challenging and demanding process in India and could be laborious. An import and custom clearance service procedure includes obtaining, preparing, and submitting the documentation necessary to facilitate export procedures and imports into the country, notifying the client about the customs examination, estimation, and payment of duty and transporting the consignment into the nation after it has been cleared with certification. OBN express offers import and custom clearance services to its clientele without worrying about wearisome and exasperating processes and procedures.