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About us

"Think different solution which is cost effective for the same trade which most successful companies are doing at the high cost."
From Blue Ocean Strategy

Established in the year 2012, OBN is aggregate Express Courier and Logistics Solution Company for Domestics and International services. In the vast country like India, with 39,000 and odd Pin Codes, Regional courier companies are the best in Service and reach.

OBN research and network design team has chosen the best Regional companies in India on its list of associates and created the National network of services. For international, OBN has strategic service level agreement with best in the world and serve 180 destinations

Assured delivery, odd hour pick-up and dynamic pricing policy make OBN, the preferred service provider for the customers. Our PMS & DMS products (Pick-up management services and Delivery Management services), separate us from the lot. These unique service solutions allow customers to commit pick-up and delivery from anywhere to anywhere at little extra cost .With OBN just select pick-up and delivery station and leave everything else for us. We promise complete peace of mind.